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30 Jan

Music For Megan

On Friday, January 6, 2006 a concert in memory of Megan Hayes was held at the Radnor High School, a 2005 Radnor graduate who died in an automobile accident just three days after graduation.  In an ongoing effort to support the Radnor High School Scholarship Fund, The Radnor Hotel held an event on Friday, January 13; with proceeds from the cover change of the event going to the Radnor High School Scholarship Fund in memory of Megan Hayes.  We are thrilled to announce that our event raised $1075.00 for the Megan Hayes Fund.

Anita Sayers, Director of Marketing and PR for The Radnor Hotel presenting The Radnor’s donation check to friends of Megan Hayes: Shanna Wagenheim, Sveta McShayne and Celia Parkin. January 2006.

The Radnor welcomes members of the Florez Band and Matt Wertz Band (lower right) from Nashville, TN.  Friday, January 6, 2006